TECH lead-free balance pads provide a "green" option for balancing a tire from the inside. In special tire service applications such as aircraft tires or large off-road 4 X 4 tires, traditional clip-on wheel weights may not be enough to correct an out-of-balance situation or may become dislodged. Balance pads represent a highly viable alternative option for these applications. Installation is accomplished via use of a spin balancer and use the same procedures as installing a repair. Available in metric or in USC units. TECH Tire Balancing Compound offers an exciting method of balancing all your medium and light truck tires. Consisting of ultra-smooth microbeads that are placed inside the tire, TECH Balancing Compound uses the rotational forces of the tire and wheel assembly to adjust to varying road conditions and continually offset any imbalance of the tire...thus offering a permanent "invisible" balance for tires. TECH Tire Balancing Compound is an adaptive, internal balancing system that reduces fuel and tire costs by reducing vibration from the tire/wheel assembly, thus saving the fleet or owner operator significant money.